Pontiac Grand Prix SJ

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ 455 HO

XF Code 370 HP x Heads

12 bolt posi

400 automatic transmission

All original, everything works.

Air conditioner, power windows, leather seats

1969  and 70 GP was designed by John Delorean to appeal to the GTO crowd growing up and turning executive. This luxury muscle was then selected to build the Stutz, which became the celebrity choice. When the Stutz debuted in January 1970 in New York, Pontiac had also stepped up for one year only and offered in the 1970 SJ under the longest hood (by one inch) in automotive industry history, the largest ever cubic inch motor, the 455 HO 370 HP (7 1/2 liter). The highest torque, HO motor was coded XF with the automatic transmission. This is that car. In 1971, the power and compressions were cut across the industry.  So this is the last and biggest of the luxury muscle cars of the muscle era. The car drives great and gets better mileage than one would think. I have driven Chevelle, GTO, Mach 1, Jaguar, Mercedes, Cadillac and about every other car you can think of but nothing feels like this. One man told me this car will make you want to get up in the morning just to go drive your car. It draws a crowd everywhere.

There is an online 70 Grand Prix registry that shows only four of these great HO cars worldwide. Online, I found some advertised, but they were all dead links. Some dating from 10 years ago. There may be others restored but I don't know of any for sale. If you know of one, I would love to hear from you. This car is possibly for sale. But please do not contact me to tell me how undervalued the Grand Prix is unless you have one, or several, to sell.

Considering that Pontiac is no more, I am happy to share with you this outstanding "once upon a time" example of American luxury muscle.