This amazing vintage rare guitar may be one of a kind. It is in such fabulous condition, it shines like new. It has a beautiful, near perfect, finish and a surf bright full sound that is unbelievable for a guitar that has to be from the 60's or 70's. Its only issue is that someone removed the pickguard but as pretty as it is I think it looks better without one. Wows everybody. It has had a professional set up and plays fine. Case is near perfect.

The label inside the F hole carries an Atlas emblem and the model number AC-2, a penciled serial number, and Atlas Musical instrument 319 West John street, Hicksville, Long Island, NY. I have seen this label on acoustics, but on nothing of this quality.

This Atlas is not a Breedlove. Online searches have revealed nothing of this mystery guitar. The flip up mute is reminiscent of the early Gretsch or pre Ventures Mosrite. I have shown this guitar to many vintage guitar professionals who are all shocked with its amazing condition and quality and have varying but uncertain opinions as to its origin. All agree it is a unique, amazingly nice guitar from 40 to 60 years old. If you have factual knowledge of this guitar, I would like to hear from you at