Automatic Income

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GDI is a great business and income opportunity! You can make money by making a website!



You just have to follow these simple steps:


1. Sign up to GDI for $10. This allows you to have the following:

   -10 different email addresses EX:

   -Your own domain name: This is the name you buy once you deposit the $10 EX: 

   -1 business website: A website that is automatically set up for you.

   -1 personal website: You can do anything with this, use it for business (get more people to sign up under YOUR name) or pleasure

   - An amazing opportunity to make $$$$ off of GDI

2. Invite friends- You can invite friends and family to join your team on GDI. You can do this by clicking "Invite" on the side menu in your Back Office.

3. Create a website- You can make a website. You can do it about absolutely anything. Examples: your school, family, friends, your business, or your hobbies..IT'S UP TO YOU!

4. Earn money by the month. Get your peers, family and friends to sign up for their own personal WS website. For every 5 people you sign up in a week UNDER YOU, you're paid $100 bonus. There's no limit of how many people you can sign up.